Benasque Valley is located in the Ribagorza and has the highest concentration of peaks over 3000 meters in the Pyrenees, being the highest valleys of the peninsula. The historic capital of the region and the tourist spot is Benasque. Benasque is a beautiful town located about 1140 meters above sea level; the village has two distinct parts, the old town which is located near the main square and the hall, and the new part with new buildings, newly apartments and shops. Benasque also features a special hotel offers especially in the winter season, but if we are looking for a Spanish Pyrennes Hotel in Benasque Valley, one of the best options is Cerler.

Cerler is a picturesque town located at 1540 meters of altitude, being the highest village of Aragonese Pyrenees. Although it belongs to Benasque, Cerler village existed long before the ski resort. It is a very small and cozy village of just 120 inhabitants but during ski season and summer many visitors come to Cerler looking for adventure or relax. Cerler is only 6 kilometers from Benasque, about 20 minutes driving and is one of the best options if we want a Spanish Pyrennes Hotel.

Spanish Pyrennes Hotel in Benasque

Benasque Valley

For ski lovers who want to enjoy a few days of snow in Cerler – Aramon ski resort and looking for a Spanish Pyrennes hotel in Benasque Valley, the best option is Hotel Evenia Monte Alba located just 200 meters away from the ski slopes.

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