Hiking in the Pyrenees is one of the main summer activities you can do in the Benasque Valley. Many are the routes of trekking you can do along the Valley. The Hotel Evenia Monte Alba offers to its guests different guided tours for free so that even the less experts can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes of Benasque. The Hotel is located in the town of Cerler, on top of the Valley and is an ideal choice for your stay in Cerler in case you want to spend a few days in this wonderful environment.

Spanish Pyrenees hiking: The best routes proposed by the Hotel Evenia Monte Alba


  • Camino Viejo a Benasque, hiking trail walk lasting approximately 3 hours and medium difficulty
  • Forau d’Aigualluts (approach by car)
  • Camino de Fuenroya, walking hiking route of medium difficulty
  • Night hiking at the Ermita de San Pedro Martir, interesting and original hiking route to the most important hermitage of Benasque.

Guided Tours

Because of the difficulties posed by the following routes, we offer a guided tour service with a cost of a few euros per person to cover the costs of insurance for each participant. For more information, see in the hotel reception.

  • Ibon de Escarpinosa, approach by car and lasting between 5 and 7 hours
  • Pico de Salvaguarda, approach by car and lasting between 5 to 7 hours
  • Lago de Cregüeña, approach by car and lasting between 7 and 10 hours

Do not miss the best Spanish Pyrenees hiking trails in the Benasque Valley!

If you Book Evenia Monte Alba in Cerler you’ll stay in one of the best hotel in the Benasque Valley, Spanish Pyrenees, and you’ll enjoy:

  • a great location next to the ski slopes, just 200 meters,
  • All kind of facilities: parking, terrace, pool, restaurant, nursery, sauna
  • highest standard service and activities: entertainment activities for children and adults, wi-fi, summer and winter activities
  • different kind of accommodation for up to 10 hosts

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